Commit 11d45a57 authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger

update the value of the status combobox when we go invisible and cancel...

update the value of the status combobox when we go invisible and cancel because of the groupchat warning, or when there is no synced with golbal status account
parent b48718a8
......@@ -1585,6 +1585,7 @@ def on_status_combobox_changed(self, widget):
_('You are participating in one or more group chats'),
_('Changing your status to invisible will result in disconnection from those group chats. Are you sure you want to go invisible?'))
if dialog.get_response() != gtk.RESPONSE_OK:
message = self.get_status_message(status)
if message is None: # user pressed Cancel to change status message dialog
......@@ -1597,6 +1598,7 @@ def on_status_combobox_changed(self, widget):
# or no account is connected and we want to connect with new show and status
if not one_connected or gajim.connections[acct].connected > 1:
self.send_status(acct, status, message)
def update_status_combobox(self):
# table to change index in connection.connected to index in combobox
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