Commit 04b86a7b authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist
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Dont show OOB uri if message body is the same

if oob uri == body there is no need to show the uri
below the message
parent ffe8ee80
......@@ -838,10 +838,9 @@ def detect_and_print_special_text(self, otext, other_tags, graphics=True,
except KeyError:
oob_desc = additional_data['gajim'].get('oob_desc', None)
if oob_desc is None:
oob_desc = _('URL:')
otext += '\n{} {}'.format(oob_desc, oob_url)
oob_desc = additional_data['gajim'].get('oob_desc', 'URL:')
if oob_url != otext:
otext += '\n{} {}'.format(oob_desc, oob_url)
# basic: links + mail + formatting is always checked (we like that)
if app.config.get('emoticons_theme') and graphics:
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