Commit add87812 authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger

don't hide otr plugin when potr is not available, just inform user when he wants to enable it.

parent 21e306b9
name: Off-The-Record Encryption
short_name: gotr
version: 1.1
version: 1.2
description: See
authors: Kjell Braden <>
......@@ -63,14 +63,17 @@ from common.connection_handlers_events import MessageOutgoingEvent
from plugins import GajimPlugin
from message_control import TYPE_CHAT, MessageControl
from plugins.helpers import log_calls, log
from plugins.plugin import GajimPluginException
import ui
import pickle
import potr
if not hasattr(potr, 'VERSION') or potr.VERSION < MINVERSION:
raise ImportError('old / unsupported python-otr version')
import potr
except ImportError:
HAS_POTR = False
class GajimContext(potr.context.Context):
__slots__ = ['smpWindow']
......@@ -233,6 +236,13 @@ class OtrPlugin(GajimPlugin):
if acc not in self.config or None not in self.config[acc]:
self.config[acc] = {None:DEFAULTFLAGS.copy()}
def activate(self):
if not HAS_POTR:
raise GajimPluginException('python-otr is missing!')
if not hasattr(potr, 'VERSION') or potr.VERSION < MINVERSION:
raise GajimPluginException('old / unsupported python-otr version')
def get_otr_status(self, account, contact):
ctx =[account].getContext(contact.get_full_jid())
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