Commit 934cc5d2 authored by Kjell Braden's avatar Kjell Braden

gotr: fixed message injection without session

parent b4927cd3
name: Off-The-Record Encryption
short_name: gotr
version: 1.5
version: 1.6
description: See
authors: Kjell Braden <>
......@@ -97,11 +97,11 @@ class GajimContext(potr.context.Context):
account = self.user.accountname
stanza = common.xmpp.Message(to=self.peer, body=msg, typ='chat')
if appdata and 'session' in appdata:
session = appdata['session']
if appdata is not None:
session = appdata.get('session', None)
if session is not None:
gajim.connections[account].connection.send(stanza, now=True)
def setState(self, newstate):
if self.state == potr.context.STATE_ENCRYPTED:
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