Commit 744fe3f3 authored by Dicson's avatar Dicson

Mpris2Plugin. Support 'url' in mpris2 metadata

parent 43fa1f17
name: MPRIS2 support
short_name: mpris2_support
version: 0.2
version: 0.3
description: MPRIS2 support. Allows to update status message according to the music you're listening via the MPRIS2 D-Bus API.
authors = Denis Fomin <>
homepage =
......@@ -10,7 +10,13 @@ from plugins.plugin import GajimPluginException
from common import dbus_support
if dbus_support.supported:
from music_track_listener import MusicTrackInfo, MusicTrackListener
from music_track_listener import MusicTrackListener
class MusicTrackInfo(object):
__slots__ = ['title', 'album', 'artist', 'duration', 'track_number',
'paused', 'url', 'albumartist']
class Mpris2Plugin(GajimPlugin):
......@@ -51,7 +57,10 @@ class Mpris2Plugin(GajimPlugin):
info.title = data.get("xesam:title", '')
info.album = data.get("xesam:album", '')
info.artist = data.get("xesam:artist", [''])[0]
info.albumartist = data.get("xesam:albumArtist", [''])[0]
info.duration = int(data.get('mpris:length', 0))
info.track_number = int(data.get('xesam:trackNumber', 0))
info.url = data.get("xesam:url", '')
self._last_playing_music = info
self.listener.emit('music-track-changed', info)
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