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(**Note:** your contact will not receive highlighted text unless she is also
using the plugin.)
## Relation to XEP-0393 - 'Message Styling'
In [XEP-0393](,
the back-tick based syntax is defined as markup for preformatted
text blocks, respectively inline performatted text.
Formatting of such text blocks with monospaced fonts is recommended by the XEP.
By using the same syntax as defined in XEP-0393 XMPP clients with only XEP-0393
support but without syntax highlighting can at least present their users blocks
of pre-formatted text.
Since text in between the back-tick markers is not further formatted by this
plugin, it can be considered "pre-formatted".
Hence, this plugin is compatible to the formatting options defined by XEP-0393,
[section 5.1.2, "Preformatted Text"](
and [section 5.2.5, "Preformatted Span"](
Nevertheless, syntax highlighting for source code is not part of XEP but
rather a non-standard extension introduced with this plugin.
## Configuration
The configuration can be found via 'Gajim' > 'Plugins', then select the
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