Commit e4c7c446 authored by Daniel Brötzmann's avatar Daniel Brötzmann Committed by Philipp Hörist
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[preview] Open file directly if encrypted

If Open Link in Browser is selected as default action for left clicking an image,
the user would get a warning when clicking an encrypted image. Fall back to open
image directly instead of issuing a warning dialog.
parent 4901c1e1
......@@ -680,12 +680,7 @@ class Base(object):
def _on_open_link_in_browser_menuitem_activate(self, menu, data):
url = data["url"]
if data["encrypted"]:
_('Encrypted file'),
_('You cannot open encrypted files in your '
'browser directly. Try "Open Downloaded File '
'in Browser" instead.'),
self._on_open_menuitem_activate(self, data)
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