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## Welcome to the Gajim Plugins Wiki
Here are some plugins that are written for <a href="">Gajim</a> by the community. Report problems about those plugins here.
In this place you find all plugins that are written for <a href="">Gajim</a> by the community. If you experience any problems with those plugins, please report them here.
## How to install
## How to install plugins
There are several ways to install a plugin:
- You can browse / download / enable / configure plugins in Gajim, Edit menu -> Plugins.
- You can clone the repository directly from [here]( and copy it to
- You can browse / download / enable / configure plugins from within Gajim via 'Gajim' > 'Plugins' menu.
- You can also clone the repository directly from our Git and copy it to:
**Linux:** `~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/`
**Linux:** ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/
**Windows:** `C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Gajim\Plugins`
**Windows:** C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Gajim\Plugins
- Alternatively (for developing), you can also symlink the gajim-plugins repository to Gajim's plugin path
**Symlink:** `ln -s /path/to/gajim-plugins-repository/* ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/`
**For each major Gajim version there is a different plugins branch:**
| Version | Plugins branch |
| ------- | -------------- |
|Gajim 1.0|[1.0 branch](|
|Gajim 1.1|[1.1 branch](|
|Gajim master|[master branch](|
*Note: Using master branch for plugins requires frequent updates of both Gajim and plugins!*
## Share / Improve Plugins
## Share / improve Plugins
You have written a new plugin or want to improve an already existing one?
First, Thanks for that! Here is how to do that:
First, thanks for that! Here is how to start:
- Register an account [here](
- Tell us about your plans at (we need to set your permission on Gitlab)
- Register an account on our Gitlab [here](
- Tell us about your plans at [](
- Fork the Gajim-Plugins [repository](
- When you are finished make a pull request against the main repository
- When you are finished, make a pull request against the main repository. You can read about how to use git [here](
- Additionally, there is a list of [plugin events]( which might be helpful
**Before you put in any work, please contact us on**
**Before you put in any work, please contact us on [](**
**Dont use for any projects that are not directly for the benefit of Gajim**
## Plugins list
* [AntiSpamPlugin]( Block some incoming messages
* [AppindicatorSupportPlugin]( Plugin that add indicator applet support to gajim
* [BannerTweaksPlugin]( Ability to configure the banner in chat windows
* [BirthdayReminderPlugin]( Birthday reminder
* [ChatstatePlugin]( Chat State Notifications in roster.
* [ClickableNicknamesPlugin]( Click the left mouse button on a nickname in a groupchat conversation to insert the nickname in the input field.
* [ClientsIconsPlugin]( Shows the clients icons in the roster and in groupchats.
* [EmoticonPackPlugin]( A pack of emoticon themes
* [FileSharing]( Allows you to share folders with your peers using jingle file transfer.
* [FlashingKeyboardPlugin]( Make keyboard flash when we get a new message.
* [GnomeSessionManagerPlugin]( set and react on GNOME SessionManager presence settings.
* [GoogleTranslationPlugin]( Automatically translate incoming messages.
* [HamsterIntegration]( Integration with project hamster.
* [HttpUploadPlugin]( Share files with offline users, multi client users and even in MUCs with [XEP-0363](
* [ImagePlugin]( This plugin is designed to send a small(0 - 40 kb) graphic image to your contact.
* [JuickPlugin]( More comfortable use of (microblogging service).
* [LatexPlugin]( Render latex expressions.
* [LengthNotifierPlugin]( Be notified when message length reaches a limit.
* [MessageBoxSizePlugin]( Allows you to adjust the height of the new message input field.
* [MprisSupportPlugin]( MPRIS2 support.
* [NowListenPlugin]( Copy tune info to conversation input box.
* [OffTheRecordPlugin]( Provides protocol independent encryption (see for more information).
* [OfflineBookmarksPlugin]( Save bookmarks offline inside the plugin configuration file.
* [PluginInstallerPlugin]( install new plugins in one click.
* [PluginsTranslationsPlugin]( This plugin contains translations files for Gajim plugins.
* [QuickRepliesPlugin]( Plugin for quick replies.
* [RegexFilterPlugin]( Regex filtering of incoming messages.
* [RosterTweaksPlugin]( Allows user to tweak roster window appearance.
* [ServerStatusIconsPlugin]( Replace standard Gajim status icons with server specific for known XMPP server accounts.
* [SetLocationPlugin]( Allows you to manually specify your geographical location.
* [SnarlNotifications]( Shows events notification using [Snarl]( under Microsoft Windows.
* [SyntaxHighlightPlugin]( Highlights Code in the Chat Window for many languages.
* [TictactoePlugin]( Play Tic tac toe with your contacts.
* [TriggersPlugin]( Configure Gajim's behaviour when receiving some events.
* [ThemeSwitcherPlugin]( Change the active GTK+ theme.
* [UbuntuIntegrationPlugin]( The plugin integrates Gajim with the Ubuntu Messaging Menu and the Me Menu.
* [UrlImagePreviewPlugin]( Url image preview in chatbox.
* [UrlShortenerPlugin]( Allows users to shorten a long URL.
* [WhiteboardPlugin]( Ability to share a whiteboard with a contact
* [WicdSupportPlugin]( Support for autodetection of network status for Wicd Network Manager.
* [WrongLayoutPlugin]( Press alt+r to convert chars typed in wrong layout( Rus<>Eng).
* [OmemoGajimPlugin]( Experimental plugin for the OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryption.
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All available plugins are listed [here](
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