Commit 9af98892 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist
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Merge branch 'UrlImagePreview-Fix' into 'master'

[preview] Display preview beginning with a new line and add tooltip

See merge request !56
parents 8c1d437b 2b3769f6
name: Url image preview
short_name: url_image_preview
version: 2.1.2
version: 2.1.3
description: Displays a preview of links to images
authors = Denis Fomin <>
Yann Leboulanger <>
......@@ -360,13 +360,14 @@ class Base(object):
buffer_ = repl_start.get_buffer()
iter_ = buffer_.get_iter_at_mark(repl_start)
buffer_.insert(iter_, "\n")
anchor = buffer_.create_child_anchor(iter_)
if isinstance(pixbuf, GdkPixbuf.PixbufAnimation):
image = Gtk.Image.new_from_animation(pixbuf)
image = Gtk.Image.new_from_pixbuf(pixbuf)
event_box.show_all(), anchor)
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