Commit 4c3c4a2a authored by Weblate's avatar Weblate

[plugin_installer] update version

parent 1e04f92a
name: Plugin Installer
short_name: plugin_installer
version: 0.18
version: 0.19
description: Install and upgrade plugins from ftp
authors: Denis Fomin <>
Yann Leboulanger <>
......@@ -456,7 +456,7 @@ class DownloadAsync(threading.Thread):
max_v = plugin.get('max_gajim_version', None)
max_v = V(max_v) if max_v else gajim_v
if (V(plugin['version']) > V(local_version)) and \
gajim_v >= min_v and gajim_v <= max_v:
(gajim_v >= min_v) and (gajim_v <= max_v):
GLib.idle_add(self.plugin.warn_update, to_update)
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