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[acronyms] Add more acronyms

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"afaik": "as far as I know",
"afair": "as far as I can remember",
"afaict": "as far as I can tell",
"afk": "away from keyboard",
"asap": "as soon as possible",
"atm": "at the moment",
"bbiab": "be back in a bit",
"bbiaf": "be back in a few (minutes)",
......@@ -18,52 +20,64 @@ DEFAULT_DATA = {
"cul8r": "see you later",
"cya": "see ya",
"dhtb": "don't have the bandwidth",
"dm": "direct message",
"f2f": "face to face",
"fubar": "fucked up beyond all recognition",
"fwiw": "for what it's worth",
"fyi": "for your information",
"<g>": "grin",
"*g*": "grin",
"gf": "girlfriend",
"gmta": "great minds think alike",
"g2g": "got to go",
"iam": "in a meeting",
"ianal": "I am not a lawyer",
"idk": "I don't know",
"ihmb": "I hate my boss",
"iirc": "if I recall correctly",
"imho": "in my humble opinion",
"imo": "in my opinion",
"iow": "in other words",
"irl": "in real life",
"<g>": "grin",
"*g*": "grin",
"gf": "girlfriend",
"gmta": "great minds think alike",
"g2g": "got to go",
"jid": "jabber identifier",
"j/k": "just kidding",
"lmao": "laughing my ass off",
"ok": "okay",
"lol": "laugh out loud",
"l8r": "later",
"msg": "message",
"n/m": "never mind",
"n/m": "nevermind",
"n/p": "no problem",
"nvm": "nevermind",
"oAo": "over and out!",
"omg": "oh my god",
"oob": "out of band",
"op": "original poster",
"ot": "off topic",
"otoh": "on the other hand",
"oww": "oops, wrong window!",
"otp": "on the phone",
"oww": "oops, wrong window!",
"pita": "pain in the ass",
"pm": "private message",
"pov": "point of view",
"pw": "password",
"rotfl": "rolling on the floor laughing",
"rsn": "real soon now",
"rtfm": "read the friendly manual",
"slap": "sounds like a plan",
"smh": "shaking my head",
"tbh": "to be honest",
"thx": "thanks",
"tia": "thanks in advance",
"til": "today I learned",
"tldr": "too long, didn't read",
"tla": "three-letter arconym",
"ttfn": "ta ta for now",
"ttyl": "talk to you later",
"wb": "welcome back",
"wfm": "works for me",
"wtf": "what the fuck?!",
"wth": "what the hell",
"wtg": "way to go!",
"xfer": "transfer",
"ymmv": "your mileage may vary",
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