Commit 084a1f87 authored by Daniel Brötzmann's avatar Daniel Brötzmann
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[omemo] Adapt to Gajim changes

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......@@ -340,11 +340,13 @@ class OMEMO(BaseModule):
def is_contact_in_roster(self, jid):
if jid == self._own_jid:
return True
contact = app.contacts.get_first_contact_from_jid(self._account, jid)
if contact is None:
roster_item = self._con.get_module('Roster').get_item(jid)
if roster_item is None:
return False
return contact.sub == 'both'
contact = self._con.get_module('Contacts').get_contact(jid)
return contact.subscription == 'both'
def on_muc_disco_update(self, event):
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