Commit 070674ed authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

[set_location] Remove unused code

Code did not work
parent e0d07757
...@@ -285,11 +285,10 @@ class SetLocationConfigDialog(Gtk.ApplicationWindow): ...@@ -285,11 +285,10 @@ class SetLocationConfigDialog(Gtk.ApplicationWindow):
self.contacts_layer = Champlain.MarkerLayer() self.contacts_layer = Champlain.MarkerLayer()
for jid in data: for jid in data:
path = self._get_path_to_generic_or_avatar( # TODO: get avatar image of contact instead of fallback icon
self.path_to_image, jid=jid, suffix='')
texture = Clutter.Texture() texture = Clutter.Texture()
texture.set_from_file(path) texture.set_from_file(str(self.path_to_image))
texture.set_size(32,32) texture.set_size(32, 32)
marker = Champlain.Label.new_with_image(texture) marker = Champlain.Label.new_with_image(texture)
marker.set_text(data[jid][2]) marker.set_text(data[jid][2])
marker.set_location(float(data[jid][0]), float(data[jid][1])) marker.set_location(float(data[jid][0]), float(data[jid][1]))
...@@ -299,30 +298,6 @@ class SetLocationConfigDialog(Gtk.ApplicationWindow): ...@@ -299,30 +298,6 @@ class SetLocationConfigDialog(Gtk.ApplicationWindow):
self.contacts_layer.animate_in_all_markers() self.contacts_layer.animate_in_all_markers()
self.markers_is_visible = True self.markers_is_visible = True
def _get_path_to_generic_or_avatar(generic, jid=None, suffix=None):
Choose between avatar image and default image
Returns full path to the avatar image if it exists, otherwise returns full
path to the image. generic must be with extension and suffix without
if jid:
# we want an avatar
puny_jid = sanitize_filename(jid)
path_to_file = os.path.join(
configpaths.get('AVATAR'), puny_jid) + suffix
path_to_local_file = path_to_file + '_local'
for extension in ('.png', '.jpeg'):
path_to_local_file_full = path_to_local_file + extension
if os.path.exists(path_to_local_file_full):
return path_to_local_file_full
for extension in ('.png', '.jpeg'):
path_to_file_full = path_to_file + extension
if os.path.exists(path_to_file_full):
return path_to_file_full
return os.path.abspath(generic)
def _on_preset_button_clicked(self, _widget): def _on_preset_button_clicked(self, _widget):
def _on_save(preset_name): def _on_save(preset_name):
if preset_name == '': if preset_name == '':
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