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Gajim 1.2.1 (08 July 2020)
* ServerInfo: Display status address
* Add block and spam reporting in various places
* Roster: Allow to add contacts from `Not in contact list` group via DND
* Roster: Allow sending message to serveral groups
* Groupchat/Chat: Rework DND
* Groupchat: Display recent history from the database
* Removed Privacy Lists support
* Roster: Remove blocking whole group feature
Bug fixes
* #10067 Error when showing invite menu
* #10144 Windows: Multiple instances of Gajim not possible
* #10152 Error when trying to disactivate or delete account
* #10160 Can't http upload with self signed Certificate
* #10162 Add option to use fixed-width horizontal tabs
* #10164 Timeout error when using music track listener
* #10171 Show error when MUC invite fails
* GroupchatRoster: Sort contacts in correct order
* MamPreferences: Correctly display preference state for JID
* Windows: Auto activate shipped plugins
Gajim 1.2.0 (21 June 2020) Gajim 1.2.0 (21 June 2020)
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