Commit f93797e2 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Send active instead of gone as last chatstate

- Also attempt to fix #9446
parent 6ed2094b
......@@ -171,6 +171,11 @@ class Chatstate:
if contact is not None:
contact = contact.as_contact()
# Contact not found, maybe we left the group chat
# or the contact was removed from the roster
'Contact %s not found, reset chatstate', jid)
self._chatstates.pop(jid, None)
self._last_mouse_activity.pop(jid, None)
self._last_keyboard_activity.pop(jid, None)
......@@ -206,14 +211,21 @@ class Chatstate:
current_state = self._chatstates.get(contact.jid)
setting = app.config.get('outgoing_chat_state_notifications')
if setting == 'disabled':
# Send a last 'gone' state after user disabled chatstates
# Send a last 'active' state after user disabled chatstates
if current_state is not None:'Send: %-10s - %s', State.GONE, contact.jid)
chatstate=str(State.GONE)))'Send: %-10s - %s', State.ACTIVE, contact.jid)
event_attrs = {'account': self._account,
'jid': contact.jid,
'chatstate': str(State.ACTIVE)}
if contact.is_groupchat():
GcMessageOutgoingEvent(None, **event_attrs))
MessageOutgoingEvent(None, **event_attrs))
self._chatstates.pop(contact.jid, None)
self._last_mouse_activity.pop(contact.jid, None)
self._last_keyboard_activity.pop(contact.jid, None)
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