Verified Commit 303f36b9 authored by André's avatar André
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Fix spell checking

Fixes #10558.
parent b35bd9c0
...@@ -108,11 +108,13 @@ def _on_destroy(self, *args): ...@@ -108,11 +108,13 @@ def _on_destroy(self, *args):
Gdk.DragAction.DEFAULT) Gdk.DragAction.DEFAULT)
def _on_focus_in(self, _widget, _event): def _on_focus_in(self, _widget, _event):
scrolled = self.get_parent() scrolled = self.get_parent()
scrolled.get_style_context().add_class('message-input-focus') scrolled.get_style_context().add_class('message-input-focus')
return False return False
def _on_focus_out(self, _widget, _event): def _on_focus_out(self, _widget, _event):
scrolled = self.get_parent() scrolled = self.get_parent()
scrolled.get_style_context().remove_class('message-input-focus') scrolled.get_style_context().remove_class('message-input-focus')
return False return False
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