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chore: Update ChangeLog

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Gajim 1.4.3 (01 Jun 2022)
* AppPage: Show plugin update notifications
* ChatList: Add middle mouse click for closing a chat
* DirectorySearch: Use Gio.Menu, add Start Chat item
* Group chat roster: Store visibility
* Smaller Jingle file transfer widget
* Unify ContactInfo and GroupchatDetails elements width
* Windows: Change PANGOCAIRO backend to enable colored emojis
* Windows: Enable native emoji chooser
* Workspaces: Add Move to new workspace functionality
* #10812 Workspaces: Enable emoji picker
* #10876 Windows: Simplify installer
* #10905 Avatars: Render emojis correctly
Bug Fixes
* AddContact: Fix opening AdHocCommands window
* ContactInfo: Fix copying name and JID by Ctrl+C
* DirectorySearch: Correctly connect form validation
* Don’t fail on GajimPlugin equality test
* History: Don’t remove JID IDs from database
* InfoBar: Add style rule for anchors in dark mode
* Make GStreamer an optional dependency again
* Plugins: Unregister modules after calling deactivate()
* Replace user-visible strings of 'Groupchat' with 'Group Chat'
* WorkspaceDialog: Disable Remove button for last workspace
* #10903 Notifications: Show correct chat when clicking notification on Windows
* #10911 AccountsWindow: Use get_app_window to reliably access window's methods
* #10912 VCardGrid: Request minimum width
* #10921 ChatControl: Don't update AV actions for PMs
* #10922 Search: Add fail-safe for incomplete JID ID tables
* #10924 StartChat: Allow transport JIDs without successful discovery
Gajim 1.4.2 (25 May 2022)
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