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Development News November: Fix typo

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......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ In this month a lot of code has been cleaned up. This includes the removal of un
* Removed the ability to choose a resource when opening a chat using the context menu ([#8471](
* Gajim's logs database (where chat history is saved among others) received some performance improvements and will now store both message and XHTML data
* Opening files from within Gajim has been reworked
* A certificate's issue/expiry date is no displayed in the user's locale
* A certificate's issue/expiry date is now displayed in the user's locale
* Gajim's XML console now features a search bar (Ctrl+F to search, F3 to search next)
* Bug fix for private messages wrongly appearing in a group chat's chat window ([#9488](
* Gajim now uses bare JIDs when sending messages to a group of contacts ([#9738](
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