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Development News November: Update image caption and headlines

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The group chat window received a great number of design changes. Besides the new participants list mentioned in [October's development news](, most of the group chat related dialogs have been replaced by 'pages' overlaying the chat window. The idea first came up when we were looking for a place to display group chat infos (which can be quite a lot). An example of how these infos are displayed in the future can be seen in the screenshot below.
{{< figure src="/img/news/group-chat-info.png" width="800px" >}}
{{< figure src="/img/news/group-chat-info.png" width="800px" caption="Group chat info of" caption-position="none">}}
Over the past few months, more and more dialogs have been migrated to this new approach. From within the chat window users are now able to:
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In this month a lot of code has been cleaned up. This includes the removal of unused code, as well as fixing many [linting]( errors, making the code more comprehensible.
What else happened:
### What else happened
* Removed ReStructured text (rst) to XHTML conversion feature
* Removed setting for custom 'open with' applications (system's default we be used instead)
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