Commit 2a599d1e authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Fix constants usage in history manager

parent aaef09fc
......@@ -73,11 +73,7 @@ common.configpaths.gajimpaths.init(config_path)
del config_path
from common import gajim
import gtkgui_helpers
from common.logger import LOG_DB_PATH, constants
#FIXME: constants should implement 2 way mappings
status = dict((constants.__dict__[i], i[5:].lower()) for i in \
constants.__dict__.keys() if i.startswith('SHOW_'))
from common.logger import LOG_DB_PATH, JIDConstant, KindConstant
from common import helpers
import dialogs
......@@ -324,7 +320,7 @@ class HistoryManager:
possible_room_jid = jid.split('/', 1)[0]
self.cur.execute('SELECT jid_id FROM jids WHERE jid = ? AND type = ?',
(possible_room_jid, constants.JID_ROOM_TYPE))
(possible_room_jid, JIDConstant.ROOM_TYPE))
row = self.cur.fetchone()
if row is None:
return False
......@@ -339,7 +335,7 @@ class HistoryManager:
row = self.cur.fetchone()
if row is None:
elif row[0] == constants.JID_ROOM_TYPE:
elif row[0] == JIDConstant.ROOM_TYPE:
return True
else: # normal type
return False
......@@ -381,15 +377,15 @@ class HistoryManager:
color = None
if kind in (constants.KIND_SINGLE_MSG_RECV,
constants.KIND_CHAT_MSG_RECV, constants.KIND_GC_MSG):
if kind in (KindConstant.SINGLE_MSG_RECV,
KindConstant.CHAT_MSG_RECV, KindConstant.GC_MSG):
# it is the other side
color = gajim.config.get('inmsgcolor') # so incoming color
elif kind in (constants.KIND_SINGLE_MSG_SENT,
constants.KIND_CHAT_MSG_SENT): # it is us
elif kind in (KindConstant.SINGLE_MSG_SENT,
KindConstant.CHAT_MSG_SENT): # it is us
color = gajim.config.get('outmsgcolor') # so outgoing color
elif kind in (constants.KIND_STATUS,
constants.KIND_GCSTATUS): # is is statuses
elif kind in (KindConstant.STATUS,
KindConstant.GCSTATUS): # is is statuses
# so status color
color = gajim.config.get('statusmsgcolor')
# include status into (status) message
......@@ -522,13 +518,13 @@ class HistoryManager:
# in store: time, kind, message, contact_name FROM logs
# in text: JID or You or nickname (if it's gc_msg), time, message
time_, kind, message, nickname = row
if kind in (constants.KIND_SINGLE_MSG_RECV,
if kind in (KindConstant.SINGLE_MSG_RECV,
who = self._get_jid_from_jid_id(jid_id)
elif kind in (constants.KIND_SINGLE_MSG_SENT,
elif kind in (KindConstant.SINGLE_MSG_SENT,
who = _('You')
elif kind == constants.KIND_GC_MSG:
elif kind == KindConstant.GC_MSG:
who = nickname
else: # status or gc_status. do not save
#print kind
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