Commit 44d57b9b authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Make DiscoInfo values available via propertys

parent 1795473b
......@@ -123,6 +123,7 @@ NS_MUC_OWNER = NS_MUC + '#owner'
NS_MUC_UNIQUE = NS_MUC + '#unique'
NS_MUC_CONFIG = NS_MUC + '#roomconfig'
NS_MUC_REQUEST = NS_MUC + '#request'
NS_MUC_INFO = NS_MUC + '#roominfo'
NS_NICK = '' # XEP-0172
NS_OFFLINE = '' # XEP-0013
NS_PHYSLOC = '' # XEP-0112
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ from nbxmpp.protocol import NS_STANZAS
from nbxmpp.protocol import NS_MAM_1
from nbxmpp.protocol import NS_MAM_2
from nbxmpp.protocol import NS_MUC
from nbxmpp.protocol import NS_MUC_INFO
from nbxmpp.const import MessageType
from nbxmpp.const import AvatarState
from nbxmpp.const import StatusCode
......@@ -132,6 +133,20 @@ class DiscoInfo(namedtuple('DiscoInfo', 'jid node identities features dataforms'
except Exception:
return None
def _get_form_value(self, form_type, var):
for dataform in self.dataforms:
is_info_form = dataform['FORM_TYPE'] != form_type
if not is_info_form:
if dataform[var].type_ == 'jid-multi':
return dataform[var].values or None
return dataform[var].value or None
except Exception:
def is_muc(self):
for identity in self.identities:
......@@ -139,7 +154,95 @@ class DiscoInfo(namedtuple('DiscoInfo', 'jid node identities features dataforms'
if NS_MUC in self.features:
return True
return False
def muc_name(self):
for identity in self.identities:
if identity.category == 'conference':
def muc_description(self):
return self._get_form_value(NS_MUC_INFO, 'muc#roominfo_description')
def muc_log_uri(self):
return self._get_form_value(NS_MUC_INFO, 'muc#roominfo_logs')
def muc_users(self):
return self._get_form_value(NS_MUC_INFO, 'muc#roominfo_occupants')
def muc_contacts(self):
return self._get_form_value(NS_MUC_INFO, 'muc#roominfo_contactjid')
def muc_subject(self):
return self._get_form_value(NS_MUC_INFO, 'muc#roominfo_subject')
def muc_subjectmod(self):
# muc#roominfo_changesubject stems from a wrong example in the MUC XEP
# Ejabberd and Prosody use this value
return (self._get_form_value(NS_MUC_INFO, 'muc#roominfo_subjectmod') or
self._get_form_value(NS_MUC_INFO, 'muc#roominfo_changesubject'))
def muc_lang(self):
return self._get_form_value(NS_MUC_INFO, 'muc#roominfo_lang')
def muc_has_mam(self):
return NS_MAM_2 in self.features or NS_MAM_1 in self.features
def muc_is_persistent(self):
return 'muc_persistent' in self.features
def muc_is_moderated(self):
return 'muc_moderated' in self.features
def muc_is_open(self):
return 'muc_open' in self.features
def muc_is_members_only(self):
return 'muc_membersonly' in self.features
def muc_is_hidden(self):
return 'muc_hidden' in self.features
def muc_is_nonanonymous(self):
return 'muc_nonanonymous' in self.features
def muc_is_passwordprotected(self):
return 'muc_passwordprotected' in self.features
def muc_is_public(self):
return 'muc_public' in self.features
def muc_is_semianonymous(self):
return 'muc_semianonymous' in self.features
def muc_is_temporary(self):
return 'muc_temporary' in self.features
def muc_is_unmoderated(self):
return 'muc_unmoderated' in self.features
def muc_is_unsecured(self):
return 'muc_unsecured' in self.features
class DiscoIdentity(namedtuple('DiscoIdentity', 'category type name lang')):
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