Commit bae95858 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Dont overwrite user plugins with base plugins

- Dont load plugins without short_name
- Check with the short_name if a plugin is already loaded
parent 491237b4
......@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ class PluginManager(metaclass=Singleton):
for path in reversed(configpaths.get_plugin_dirs()):
pc = PluginManager.scan_dir_for_plugins(path)
pc = self.scan_dir_for_plugins(path)
......@@ -137,7 +137,6 @@ class PluginManager(metaclass=Singleton):
and adding class from reloaded module or ignoring adding plug-in?
plugin = plugin_class()
if plugin not in self.plugins:
if not self._plugin_has_entry_in_global_config(plugin):
......@@ -520,9 +519,8 @@ class PluginManager(metaclass=Singleton):
def _set_plugin_active_in_global_config(self, plugin, active=True):
app.config.set_per('plugins', plugin.short_name, 'active', active)
def scan_dir_for_plugins(path, scan_dirs=True, package=False):
def scan_dir_for_plugins(self, path, scan_dirs=True, package=False):
Scans given directory for plugin classes.
......@@ -584,6 +582,21 @@ class PluginManager(metaclass=Singleton):
elem_name, exc_info=True)
short_name = conf.get('info', 'short_name', fallback=None)
if short_name is None:
log.error('No short_name defined for %s', elem_name)
# Check if the plugin is already loaded
for plugin in self.plugins:
if plugin.short_name == short_name:
raise PluginAlreadyLoaded(
'Skip Plugin %s because its '
'already loaded' % elem_name)
except PluginAlreadyLoaded as error:
min_v = conf.get('info', 'min_gajim_version', fallback=None)
max_v = conf.get('info', 'max_gajim_version', fallback=None)
......@@ -734,3 +747,7 @@ class PluginManager(metaclass=Singleton):
for plugin in self.plugins:
if plugin.__path__ in plugin_dir:
return plugin
class PluginAlreadyLoaded(Exception):
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