Commit 8eda02a2 authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger

add paplay to the list of sound players. Fixes #7608

parent b8409a01
......@@ -3010,9 +3010,11 @@ class Interface:
if gajim.config.get('soundplayer') == '':
# only on first time Gajim starts
commands = ('aplay', 'play', 'ossplay')
commands = ('paplay', 'aplay', 'play', 'ossplay')
for command in commands:
if helpers.is_in_path(command):
if command == 'paplay':
command += ' -n gajim'
if command in ('aplay', 'play'):
command += ' -q'
elif command == 'ossplay':
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