Commit bafd729c authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Receipts: Always request receipt

parent 3de7d8f6
......@@ -359,7 +359,6 @@ class Config:
'zeroconf_email': [opt_str, '', '', True],
'use_env_http_proxy': [opt_bool, False],
'answer_receipts': [opt_bool, True, _('If enabled, Gajim will answer to message receipt requests.')],
'request_receipt': [opt_bool, True, _('If enabled, Gajim will send message receipt requests.')],
'publish_tune': [opt_bool, False],
'publish_location': [opt_bool, False],
'subscribe_mood': [opt_bool, True],
......@@ -298,10 +298,8 @@ class CommonConnection:
# XEP-0184
if obj.jid != app.get_jid_from_account(
request = app.config.get_per('accounts',,
if obj.message and request:
msg_iq.setTag('request', namespace=nbxmpp.NS_RECEIPTS)
if obj.message:
if obj.session:
# XEP-0201
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