Commit af0e79e7 authored by Alexander's avatar Alexander

[stickers] Fix new sticker packs not being uploaded

parent d7e58ec1
......@@ -482,7 +482,8 @@ class StickersPlugin(GajimPlugin):
for local_id in non_remote_ids:
pack = self.sticker_packs[local_id]
log.debug('Uploading pack %s', local_id)
upload = all([x.url != '' for x in pack.stickers])
# Don't upload files if all stickers already have a URL
upload = not all([x.url for x in pack.stickers])
log.debug('Uploading via HTTP Upload: %s', upload)
app.connections[event.account].get_module('Stickers').publish_pack(pack, upload=upload)
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