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[stickers] Fix search not resetting

When clearing a search, the sticker pack "sub searches" would not
be cleared.
parent 344bd6e3
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......@@ -796,11 +796,12 @@ class StickersButton(Gtk.Button):
def _listbox_filter_func(self, row, *user_data):
# We don't need it, but it's there
# pylint: disable=unused-argument
grid = row.get_children()[0]
if not self._query:
grid.get_child_at(0, 1).invalidate_filter()
return True
if any([x.startswith(self._query) for x in row.stickers_strings]):
grid = row.get_children()[0]
grid.get_child_at(0, 1).invalidate_filter()
return True
return False
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